As you are completing your programming for 2019-2020, consider how you can honor Kappa's Sesquicentennial in your philanthropic and programming activities. No need to add in new events (but you are welcome to do so!)



  • Host an educational program which compares and contrasts women's issues circa 1870 and today

  • Donate 150 (or multiples of 150) children's books

  • 150 hours worked for a charity of your choice 

  • 150 hours reading to children

  • Donate $150 (or multiples of $150) to RIF (Reading is Fundamental)

  • Wellness event for a 1.50 mile walk/run or cycling 1.50 miles at SoulCycle

  • Post a virtual or physical board for members of your chapter or association to anonymously share 150 acts of kindness throughout the year

  • Donate $150 (or multiples of $150) to the KKG Foundation

  • Associations add $1.50 optional gift to their membership dues and use the money for a Sesquicentennial-related program

  • Associations reach out to 150 Kappas on the galley who are not association members

General Programming

  • Complete a Heritage Activity (Kappa Jeopardy, Which Founder are You?) at a chapter or association meeting

  • Invite a speaker on Women’s Empowerment to a chapter or association meeting

  • Interview long-time members for "speaking history" of association (could be a joint association / chapter activity)

  • Plan a gathering around a visit to a “Minnie Stewart Van” stop

  • Invite any local Loyalty Award winners as a special guest speaker at your local Sesquicentennial celebration

  • Plan milestone chapter reunions around Sesquicentennial

  • Use "Spirit  Kit" for alumnae events (Homecoming, etc) during the ’19-’20 school year

  • Read a Founder's biography at each meeting leading up to the Sesquicentennial

The possibilities are endless! Consider how you can honor and celebrate the Sesquicentennial with your existing works and promote using social media with the hashtag: #kappaturns150